OLD SILVER & BUTTONSW. D. McCabe and his Dad, Bill.Bracelets & BrochesMeet the Crafters:

In 1969, Grandma Timmons learned from her friend how to crochet

button bracelets using metallic elastic thread.


After the kids were grown, Mom started looking for added income, fun,

and meeting new people. She asked Grandma to teach her how to make

the bracelets in 1971. Mom says it took her a year to master this art and

one to two days making a bracelet. In 1994 she expanded her line with

button brooches.


After seeing a spoon jewelry magazine in 1973, Dad made a spoon ring, as he already was working in lapidary. Mom and Dad were so surprised

when the rings snowballed and everyone wanted one. They bought a

silverware wind chime in 1988 and created a design of their own.


I am honored to have learned this craft from the best, my Mom and Dad. My trust rests with God for the ability to provide quality products to be treasured as family heirlooms for generations to come. With the skills and craftsmanship passed down from one generation to another I am happy to offer these treasures to you and your family.


Wind chimes, bud vases, toothpick holders, bracelets, key rings,

necklaces and angel pins made from silverware. Each item is one of-a-kind, hand-crafted and the design will vary from pin to pin, vase to vase, etc.



THE LEGACY OF OLD SILVER AND BUTTONS....A family business with a past and a future.Erma Jeanne McCabe (Mom) works at a show.Grandma TimmonsBill and Erma Jeanne McCabe

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